Artist Statement

Making pots is the most satisfying and magical thing I can do.  Each piece is a reflection of my life at that time.  It’s a collection of everything I’ve gathered in life up until then and translating that into something visual using my material, porcelain clay.  I form and create using my head to make it authentic, using my heart to make it pure and using my soul to make it intuitive.

The cup is an intimate object that is very accessible to anyone because it is functional and affordable.  One that you use everyday, holding it and feeling its weight and texture, putting it to your lips, tasting what’s inside, sipping over and over again, day after day, quenching your thirst.  I want to make a cup with more purpose than just function.

I want my non-traditional work to bring smiles, to bring appreciation for food and drink, to bring new shared experiences, and to bring together the company of others who give and share.  I want my simple pieces to be integrated into people’s lives and open them up to new appreciations in other aspects of their lives.  I want to be that someone who adds creative energy and quiet beauty to this destructive world.  I also want to teach everyone that they have the ability to create too.  It’s part of being human.

I am inspired by nature and any type of vessel; whether it’s ceramic, glass or a bird’s nest, pond or hollow tree.  If it’s able to contain something, even air, it is a vessel with form and purpose.  I love to look at other artist”s work.  Animals are artists too, and I love walking through nature and gathering treasures to bring home to continually feed my head, heart and soul.

I like to think of my work as being humble and elegant, yet earthy and organic.  I often use antique printing blocks to texture the clay giving some pieces a subtle and delicate pattern.  I love to play around with layering glazes and drips that form on the foot of a pot.  Nothing is more magical than what happens with glazes as they are molten hot in the kiln.  Absolutely satisfying.   I see myself being a studio potter, an artist that makes pots, for the rest of my life.


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