Anaerobic Fermenting Crock Review

“I love my 12 cup ceramic fermenting crock.  I love the simplicity and elegance of the design, complete with attention to details that creates a gorgeous, functional fermenting vessel.  The crock is made with a glaze that is food safe, even for the high acidity of fermented foods. I love the wide mouth;  the slight flange that allows me to cover the vessel with a cheesecloth/rubber band system and the built in groove that I can fill with water to prevent unwanted contamination.  I’m thrilled to have a ceramic weight for submerging the ferments and I love that the lid can be used as a bowl. I am delighted with Licia’s design and imagine that this piece of crockery will be one of my most used and beloved kitchen items”  Kathleen Rauch, Fermenter/Teacher Bozeman, MT

Kathleen has introduced me to bokashi, an anaerobic (with out air) food waste composting system.  The crocks are so versatile, I think I’ll be using mine for bokashi as well as making saurekraut and kambucha.

Special order your crock by emailing me at  $95 plus shipping (Montana orders will receive a discounted shipping).  I also make jar weights for those who ferment in small batches.  You can find them here.

fermenting crock aqua

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